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my story

When I went vegan for ethical reasons, and improved my health so incredibly, it made me realize that the mainstream, conventional knowledge isn’t the be-all, end-all of everything.  I was shocked at how much my health improved, and the hippies were not surprised one bit- it really made me question everything, and made me realize how little I actually know.

One thing I do know about? Food! As a foodie and chef who has worked at several cooking schools, and cooked for celebrities, going vegan was easy-peasy for me because I already knew how to cook!

When I began telling people I was vegan, I noticed the reaction usually was “wow, you must eat terrible food and your life must suck!” I thought, that couldn’t be further from the truth! I eat delicious, gourmet food, attend some of the world’s most exclusive parties, and spend lots of time at the beach in Malibu. I love books, my dog, fashion, and more. At least to me, my life is pretty cool! I saw the need to get rid of this stereotype, and share my food and lifestyle so nobody jumps to this conclusion.

I went vegan because I realized that all animals are just like dogs! We should live and let live. But we should still live WELL, and to the FULLEST. I’m proof that veganism isn’t a sacrifice. I hope to seduce you into this lifestyle that will improve your health and help you live longer, help the animals, and save the environment! Join me on my crazy adventures, random food finds, and my normal (to me!) life that just so happens to be vegan.