March Food Roundup, Part II

Can I be honest? I'm not sure I like doing all the linking for these food roundups. So here it is in a nutshell:

The first 2 photos are from Sasquatch Coffee in LA, which is a super cool spot! I didn't drink the rainbow latte, just got a photo, because it was pretty.

The next photo is delish zucchini appetizer from Eataly LA!

The soup photo is an Argentinean Bean and Veggie Stew from 1001 Recipes by Robin Robertson- one of my new favorite recipes, EVER! 

The next photo is Donut Friend, some of the best donuts in LA- and then pizza from Eataly.

Let me know if you like these Food Roundups! I think I'm going to make this format easier for me to work with... just didn't want to end with Part I of March.