December Food Roundup

Well, it's been quite a long time since I've written a blog post, and I was going to skip over December- but then I looked back, and saw there were some foods reeeeaaallyy worth sharing. Keep in mind I'm going to try to share only the best of the best with you! I know we're out of the holiday season already, but I hope you still appreciate these foodie adventures with me.



1) Mushroom Toast from Lodge Bread Co.

If it's possible for a bread place to be really cool, this place is it. Lodge Bread Co. is really unique, there's a bit of a hipster vibe, and has an interesting selecting of sandwiches, salads, toasts, and coffee. I had been here before for the avocado toast, which had been beautifully garnished with bright pink watermelon radishes, but the menu had changed, so I tried something new. I decided on the mushroom toast, which was on a particularly long piece of bread, with mushrooms, onion jam, dandelion, and fresh herbs. Have you ever seen a more beautiful toast??? It looks like a log in the forest! I don't necessarily really crave this place, but having a special toast is a great place to come and have a hearty snack, if you are over on this side of town between meals. And it's such a quirky touch that the mugs say "fuck it" on them, surrounded by pretty flourishes. The mugs are available for purchase here, too. Lodge Bread Co. clearly brings the creativity when it comes to ingredients, and presentation, which makes them stand out as more than a bakery.




2) Snowball Cookies from Chloe's Vegan Desserts

You know when you try a random lowkey recipe from a cookbook, and it ends up being an incredible standout? This was one of them! These snowball cookies with chocolate chips tasted like a cross between a cookie and a scone- and they called for chocolate chips, but I had MINI chocolate chips on hand, which I think was a good call. The only thing I messed up was, these were topped with powdered sugar, and I brought them to a Christmas party, so the saran wrap kinda brought in some moisture? I don't know, they didn't look as pretty and snowy when I brought it there, so just make these at your house and don't bring them anywhere, okay? Invite your friends over for these superstar cookies.




3) Small bites from Crossroads catering

I sure do love some fancy vegan food! My friend Kim hosted a shopping event at Theory in West Hollywood, and it was catered by Crossroads! Crossroads was made by celebrity chef Tal Ronnen, who was a personal chef to Ellen and Portia, and also made a lot of vegan menus for the Wynn hotels. The restaurant continues to grow on me more and more, and after these delightful bites, I went home and ordered the cookbook on Amazon (specifically, the top right faux crab cake sold me on the book). Anyone wanna help me cook some fancy vegan dishes?





4) Awash Ethiopian

Imagine my surprise to read a blog post by Elana of Klean Slate, and she says that even though Awash just has one vegan dish, it's the best vegan Ethiopian in the whole city. Hmmm... I had to investigate. Since I did, Awash has been my go-to Ethiopian food- and may even be one of my favorite foods in the world! This time, I brought my mom, who I thought would love it, because she loves Indian food. And she did! I thought it was particularly festive looking because it's shaped like a wreath. My mom didn't want to fill up on injera bread, but she loved trying Ethiopian food, and I had leftovers for 3-4 more meals. It's fun going out and eating with your hands!





5) Sweater Weather Coffee from Javatinis

Now, is that a cute AF name for a coffee, or what?! A friend of mind hasn't been in a good place lately, and I had been stressing out, so I picked her up and we went to the Huntington Gardens together- which by the way, were so incredibly beautiful, everyone HAS to go there!!! On the way back, my car charger wasn't working, so I had to stop somewhere to use my wall charger. I picked Javatinis right before my phone died, and spent some time relaxing in here, enjoying the ambiance from the Christmas tree, and sipping this Sweater Weather Coffee- which they call a "hug in a cup," and was a coffee with vanilla, salted caramel, and cinnamon brown sugar. Definitely has all the right flavors in it, don't you think?





6) Pumpkin French Toast

Well, here it is: the best french toast I've ever had in my whole life- and the recipe is online! I rarely make french toast, because I tend to think of it as overly sweet, but these may have changed all that. Yes, of course, these are very sweet, but they are so good that they are going to make me eat french toast more! I got the bread fresh at the bakery at Eataly- I went to the mall early in the morning to avoid the crowds, bought some bread, imported jam (holy moly their jam is good!), and espresso, and ate a delicious little Italian breakfast (I had googled what an authentic Italian breakfast is, and apparently one is toast, jam, and coffee). Miraculously, I still had bread later to make some toast. I had asked the bakery to just slice half of the loaf, so I had half for toast, and half for thick cut french toast pieces that I later cut myself. Will definitely have to do this again!

I hope you like reading my monthly food roundups. If you have any suggestions for me to try, I am always interested! Did you have any great holiday foodie finds this year?